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Woofer III Tenon Machine

Price: $9995.00

The Woofer III does not require any additional accessories, such as doweling heads, hand drill, levels or vises. The Woofer III with a 220 power service is ready to start producing tenons with a hand-crafted appearance right out of the crate. 

Price $9,995.00
Shipped Truck Freight


The Woofer III is fully adjustable. Any diameter hole you drill between 1"-5" the Woofer III will produce a tenon to fit. The Woofer III will produce a tenon so tight you have to use a mallet to drive it in or you can produce a nice slip fit. Tenon length can be adjusted from 1"-3" in half inch increments. The Woofer has a scale that makes adjustments quick and easy.