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Woofer III
Woofer III


The Woofer III produces tenons that appear hand-crafted rather than machine made. No machine nor craftsman painstakingly using a draw knife can produce a tenon that equals the appearance of a Woofer III tenon. There are other machines available that produce tenons, but the hand-crafted look of the Woofer III tenon is unmatched. The tenons produced by other machines have the appearance of a sharpened pencil, making it obvious that they are machine made. With the Woofer III tenon machine your product will be greatly enhanced, never giving your tenon a machined look. Your customers will prefer the hand crafted look of the Woofer III tenon verses a machined looking tenon, separating your product from the norm.

woofer logs copy.jpg

The Woofer III is fully adjustable. Any diameter hole you drill between 1"-5" the Woofer III will produce a tenon to fit. The Woofer III will produce a tenon so tight you have to use a mallet to drive it in or you can produce a nice slip fit. Tenon length can be adjusted from 1"-3" in half inch increments. The Woofer has a scale that makes adjustments quick and easy.

Wood stock to be tenoned is fed into the Woofer III horizontally. The shortest log stock to be tenoned is 12". Any length beyond this is acceptable. For instance, a 10' rail can be tenoned by supporting one end with a saw horse. The largest diameter of log stock the Woofer III will accept is 5".


The Woofer III is also capable of producing flat, square, and rectangular tenons used for split rail fencing and traditional furniture.









Price $9,995.00
Shipped Truck Freight

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