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Tenonator II with Log Star

Price: $494.00

Tenonator II, Log Star & Free Extra Blade Package  - Out of Stock

Tenonator II: Unlike the original Tenonator the Tenonator II does not require a pre-drilled pilot hole, allowing tenons to be produced at a faster rate. 
The Tenonator II was designed for rustic furniture and log home enthusiast who wish to construct their own log furniture or log railing from smaller diameter log stock. The Tenonator II is fully adjustable there is no need in purchasing additional tenon cutters to cut different size diameter tenons. 

The Log Star counter sink bit chamfers the outside edge of the mortis (hole) used in mortis and tenon joinery. The purpose of counter sinking the mortis is to conceal the tenon and the tenon shoulder.

Log Woofer Works LLC is proud to say we have only had 1 Tenonator II returned.
We are offering a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.
Shipping is not included, item must be returned in condition received to receive full money back.