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Tenonator II ST
Tenonator II ST
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Unlike the original Tenonator, the Tenonator II and the Tenonator II ST does not require a pre-drilled pilot hole, allowing tenons to be produced at a faster rate. The Tenonator II ST Model is designed to cut smaller diameter tenons. Any size hole drilled from 1/2" - 3" in diameter the Tenonator II ST will produce a tenon to fit. The Tenonator II ST was designed for rustic furniture and log home enthusiast who wish to construct their own log furniture or log railing from smaller diameter log stock. The Tenonator II ST is fully adjustable there is no need in purchasing additional tenon cutters to cut different size diameter tenons. Any pre-drilled hole produced between 1/2" and 3" diameter the Tenonator II ST will adjust to cut a tenon to fit. The Tenonator II ST is simple to operate requiring an adjustable vise to secure the log stock and a ½" variable speed electric hand drill with a side handle.

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  • Powered by ½" variable speed hand drill with side handle. (Sold Separately)
  • Tenon diameter adjusts from 1/2" - 3"
  • Tenon length adjustable from 0" - 2"
  • Reversible double edge carbide cutting blade capable of cutting hundreds of tenons before sharpening or replacement is required.
  • Speed: Tenons cut less than 1 minute on 3" diameter material or less.
  • The Tenonator II ST performs best on 3" diameter log stock or less.
  • The maximum diameter log stock that may be tenoned is 4" slightly larger diameter log stock may be tenoned by using a draw knife or electric hand planer to reduce the ends to a smaller diameter within the Tenonator capabilities.
  • Any length of log stock beyond 6" may be tenoned.
  • Soft and hardwoods may be tenoned.
  • Appearance: Smooth looking tenons are produced.
  • Light weight compact design; weight 2.5 lbs
  • Tool Dimensions: 5" Diameter x 6" Length
  • 55 degree shoulder
Tenonator II  ST.jpg

Log stock must be secured into an adjustable vise (not included) with the Tenonator II installed in a ½" variable speed hand drill with a side handle place Tenonator II ST on the end of the log stock. Firmly holding onto the hand drill with both hands depress the power switch applying slight pressure as the Tenonator II ST is cutting.

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Extra Carbide Cutting Blade $30.00 each 

Extra HSS Cutting Blade $15.00 each

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