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Evolution of the Tenonator
Evolution of the Tenonator


DSC00004.JPG The original fully adjustable Tenonator tenon cutter invented by Log Woofer Works in 1999 featured a 45 degree shoulder slope, double edged carbide cutting blade was priced at $249.00



Tenonator in vise .jpg Design change in early 2000 manufactured until 2010; improvements include a hexed arbor, engraved scale and a longer length blade.



t 2 logs copy.jpg Tenonator II invented by Log Woofer Works in 2008. The Tenonator II allows tenons to be cut without the drilling of a pilot hole.



t 2 st logs copy.jpg 
Tenonator II ST invented by Log Woofer Works designed to cut small tenons down to ½ inch diameter.



 t with logs copy.jpg
Current Tenonator features the new 55 degree shoulder slope, for easier tenon cutting, new heavier design, plus a carrying case.